Alpha-lab suiteTM

We have designed a suite of web-based tools known as The Alpha-lab suiteTM of tools consists of a host of groundbreaking tools designed to make the running of a retirement fund’s investments more efficient and effective for trustees, consultants and, ultimately, the members. The tools also perform a very important role in assisting retirement funds with governance by ensuring they follow due process in making decisions that affect their members. They also reflect a full audit trail for recording decisions taken. These tools will continually be developed and represent a distinct competitive advantage for us in the marketplace.  

These web-based tools include:

Further near-term developments for the Alpha-lab suiteTM include additional functionality to the above tools as well as additional tools including:

  • Alpha-reportingTM: produces system-generated investment reports, presentations and fund fact sheets with a customisation and white-labelling capability
  • Alpha-dashTM: a daily portfolio-monitoring tool that facilitates daily portfolio management functions and decision making and incorporates all required investment tools to aid portfolio managers in their daily management functions
  • Additional wealth-management tools for the retail market are also being developed and will be launched shortly.

In addition, we have proudly developed a range of Alpha tools that are proprietary and used as part of our administrative processes. These include Alpha-tradeTM, Alpha-checkTM and Alpha-priceTM. While used to facilitate an efficient back-office unitisation and cash-flow management capability, work is underway to develop these tools to be fully-fledged members of the Alpha-lab suiteTM.

The full range of Alpha-lab suiteTM is portable and adaptable to other geographies and markets. 

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