Investment options

Capital protection and liquidity

Cash (money market) and cash plus (active money market) outcome-based solutions are low risk investments that have been purpose built to provide investors with capital protection and liquidity. These solutions are ideal for investors that may require immediate access to their investment, making it an ideal short term investment. These solutions have been intentionally constructed to provide a consistent return, with minimal volatility or price fluctuations.


These outcome-based solutions have been developed to support investors who intend deriving an income from their investment. These solutions invest across a diversified range of income producing assets including money market instruments, government and corporate bonds and property securities. This comes with the risk of modest capital fluctuations but is often characterised by the prospect of higher returns than that of money market portfolios over a medium term horizon.

Real growth with capital protection

Real growth with capital protection outcome-based solutions are constructed to provide investors with growth in real terms over a medium term investment horizon, whilst simultaneously providing a degree of capital protection. Listed securities, property and inflation-linked bonds often serve as the cornerstones of these portfolios, complemented by income producing assets in order to provide real growth whilst continuously managing downside risk.

Long term capital growth

Investors who need long term capital growth often have to take additional risk and thus move up the risk spectrum. This can be achieved by either investing in multi-asset or single-asset outcome-based solutions. Multi-asset solutions vary between those with substantial income producing assets (lower risk and lower potential returns) to those that are dominated by equity and property securities (higher risk and higher potential growth). Single-asset equity and property solutions come with the risk of substantial capital losses but offer the highest real returns over extended periods of time.

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