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The Red Eye

A daily and weekly market update including indices, weather and today's sport.


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Weekly income fund yields

A summary of the current fixed interest yields of all our income funds.

16 January 2018

Please note

  • All quoted yields are net of fees.
  • Yields quoted for the Momentum Bond Fund, Momentum Diversified Yield Fund and the Momentum Maximum Income Fund are running yields.
  • The Momentum Money Market Fund and the Momentum Enhanced Yield Fund yields are annual effective yields.
  • All yields are indicative only. Read more >

Monthly minimum disclosure documents

Monthly fund performance and information.

Month ended 31 May 2017

A monthly publication providing fund manager details, portfolio facts, price history and income distribution as well as the latest performance figures and values for our fund range. Read more >

Quarterly houseview

A quarterly synopsis on our views on the markets.

Quarter ended 30 September 2017

Interest Rates

An extended SA current account deficit, rising price pressures and sticky inflation expectations should outweigh low growth concerns in the current stagflationary environment, leaving gradual increases in domestic interest rates as the most likely outcome. Read more >

Monthly economic overview


A monthly economic overview and commentary. Read more >

Quarterly economic overview

A quarterly economic overview and commentary.

Quarter ended 31 December 2017

The combination of an ongoing global economic recovery and rising inflation has continued to support the revenue bases of global corporates during the second quarter of 2017. Read more >

Key market performance drivers


The key market performance drivers’ slides assess the current levels of various market indicators. Read more >

Quarterly investor report

Quarter ended 31 December 2016

A quarterly report including fund commentary prepared by the portfolio managers. Read more >

Annual report

Annual report of all our unit trust funds.

Year ended 30 June 2017

Business overview
We are pleased to confirm that Momentum Collective Investments has made significant strategic progress over the past year in terms of further embedding our core outcome-based investment philosophy. 

We place significant emphasis on ensuring our investment capabilities and portfolios are positioned to meet investor needs….

A difficult global economic environment persists
During the past year, global growth has improved across regions to the point where a synchronised global recovery holds promise of gaining traction. Click here to read more.

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