Minutes with Momentum - Episode 3

Many investors today are becoming increasingly focused on their ability to beat a market benchmark by selecting the best performing funds and investment managers. However, the truth is that outperforming the market is no guarantee of an individual’s investment success. Investment success is about consistently meeting an investor’s investment needs – whether that be to generate an income in retirement, preserve capital or simply to grow their wealth within the parameters of a predefined risk profile.

Momentum Investments has built a leading range of outcome-based solutions that set their sights beyond mere benchmarks and instead focus on the things that matter the most to investors – ensuring they consistently achieve their investment goal(s).

In support of our revolutionary investment philosophy, we have conducted a series of informative interviews with a diverse range of industry thought leaders and investment experts. These interviews serve to provide further insight into Momentum Investments’ current market views and to elaborate on the innate benefits of adopting an outcome-based approach to investing.

Unpacking our investment capabilities

Sonja Saunderson, Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments, explains the benefits of adopting an outcomes-based Investment philosophy. Specifically, Sonja explains Momentum Investments’ unique approach to outcome-based investing, the comprehensive thought process behind it, as well as the unique manner in which Momentum manages risk within these innovative solutions.

The next decade  |  The global economy is at a crossroad 

Herman van Papendorp, Head of Investment Research and Asset Allocation at Momentum Investments, discusses the economic backdrop that currently influences our long-term strategic asset allocation process and highlights a number of different long-term projections for these asset classes.

Introducing the Fixed Income and Specialised Strategies Team

Louis Scheepers, Head of Fixed Income and Specialised Strategies at Momentum Investments, provides insight into this market-leading investment capability. Furthermore, he sheds light on factors that differentiates his team – including scale, access to the Momentum Investments' balances sheet, as well as Momentum’s unrivaled Lability Driven Investment (LDI) skills.