How does Momentum make outcome-based investing easy?

So, you want to know how Momentum makes outcome-based investing easy? Well, it's quite simple: We take care of conducting all the research and ongoing management that goes into your investment on your behalf. This approach saves you a lot of time and effort, whilst providing you with peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands.

Choosing to invest is easy. Yet choosing what to invest in, can be overwhelming. Investors simply do not have the time to research the thousands of opportunities available. Momentum Outcome-based Investing makes investing easy, we do all the hard work so that investors make simple easy decisions that is aligned with and informed by their desired investment outcome?

With Momentum Outcome-based Solutions, we make outcome-based investing easy, all the research, selection, and the ongoing management of your investment is taken care of. We manage your money on your behalf and build world-class outcome-based solutions to make sure that you have the best chance of achieving your investment goal(s).

The traditional approach to investing, whereby investors would essentially select an investment manager or fund that attempts to outperform a generic market benchmark that may (or may not) match up with their desired needs, is fast being replaced with an outcome-based investing way of thinking.

At Momentum we employ rigorous market, investment style and mandate research to analyse the investment universe with the aim of determining the optimal asset allocation and most beneficial investment mandates to improve the probability of achieving an investor’s predefined investment objective.

Once the correct asset allocation and preferred investment mandates have been identified, those select mandates are skillfully blended to create the optimal outcome-based solution that is capable of delivering on an investor’s needs within the desired timeframe.

With outcome-based investing managing your risk is at the forefront of our thinking, as we recognise the journey is important in helping you focus on your goal, remain invested and ultimately to stay the course.

Do you really need to to spend hundreds of hours trying to determine the next best performing investment manager? Do you also appreciate the flexibility to check on your investments whenever you like, and the peace of mind that comes with it, without taking too much of your time? Do you want to make you investment decision making easy?

It doesn’t have to be complicated, by making one easy choice, you can make sure that you achieve your unique investment goals with Momentum Outcome-based Solutions.


Momentum Outcome-based Investing