How does Momentum outcome-based investing protect investors from inflation?

So, you would like to find out how Momentum outcome-based investing protects investors from inflation? Basically, outcome-based investing is aligned to achieve your personal investment needs. Thus, a well-structured outcome-based investment will protect you from inflation so that you can meet your investment goals. 

With Momentum Outcome-based Investing we develop investment strategies that are specifically designed to meet the future needs of investors, by maximising the probability of achieving a predefined investment goal.

Inflation (often referred to as Consumer Price Index or CPI) is the ever-present increase in prices for goods and services over time. When inflation increases, there is a proportionate decline in the purchasing power of your money. Similarly, inflation reduces or erodes the purchasing power of one’s investment.

If an investment doesn’t grow at least in line with inflation, it is unlikely that such investment will be able to meet the purchase power requirements of the investor (for example sustaining an investor’s standard of living in retirement or saving for a child’s education). Momentum Outcome-based Investing protects investors from inflation through the blending of asset classes and strategies in the most efficient and optimal manner, which over the long term meets investors investment goals whilst protecting investors from inflation.

Investing today is all about performance, and it’s important to know that your money is working as hard as you are, to achieve your unique investment goals. Common sense right?

What one person views as great performance, may not be what you require to achieve your unique goals, whether your goal is to plan for your child’s education, buy a home or perhaps to travel the world one day.

The problem is, is that investment performance is relative. So how does Momentum Outcome-based Investing protect investors from unknowns like inflation?

Conventional investment strategies often focus soley on returns or to outperform a group of competitors. Yet what is often more important is whether your investment performs in line with your expectations and is able to assist you to achieve your defined goals within a relistic period of time.

Outcome-based investing is all about maximising the chances of you achieving your investment goals, even through obstacles like inflation. We keep managing and focusing on the investment risk of the portfolios you choose. It is about ensuring a robust and predictable experience during the time that you are invested and avoiding nasty surprises along the way.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing protects investors from inflation because our focus is on what matters, YOUR goal!


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