Tell me more about Momentum Outcome-based Solutions

So, you want to find out more about Momentum Outcome-based Solutions? Well, the Momentum Outcome-based Solutions range is truly a first for South Africa. We recognise how difficult it is for investors to choose investments that are capable of delivering on their goals. We also understand that their needs and preferences are unique and that they are investing for something far more important than simply outperforming a generic peer group.

In response, we have developed a world-class range of solutions; Momentum Outcome-based Solutions. These purpose built investment solutions comprise a leading range of outcome-based solutions for collective investment schemes, guaranteed investments, personal share portfolios and structured products. Each of these solutions have been skillfully crafted to maximise the probability of achieving an investors unique investment goal(s).

Dreams can be enormous, or sometimes even strange, because dreams are personal, whatever they may be. Investors may believe that they are too ambitious or financially unachievable. With Momentum Outcome-based Solutions investors can achieve their dreams.

Momentum Outcome-based Solutions is a comprehensive range of investment solutions and has been simplified and structured around investors needs.

Your dreams can be turned into unique goals that are achievable when a monetary goal and time frame are attached to them. Goals are so much easier to achieve, when a solid financial plan and purpose-built investment strategy provides the roadmap. This goal based approach to financial planning is the very basis of the Momentum Outcome-based Solutions range of investment solutions.

With a carefully crafted investment plan, a financial adviser can help his client choose the right investment portfolio from the Momentum Outcome-based solutions portfolio range to increase the chances of achieving their goal.

The Momentum Outcome-based Solutions range has been designed to consistently deliver on an investor’s expectations. Whatever the desired investment goal, we have the outcome-based solution to meet an investor’s needs.

So what’s stopping you? Make your dreams a reality with Momentum Outcome-based Solutions.


Momentum Outcome-based Investing