What is Momentum Outcome-based Investing?

So, you want to know what Momentum Outcome-based Investing (OBI) is? The answer is really simple: Outcome-based investing places the investor's needs at the centre of the investment process. This allows us to align your investment with your personal, long-term life goals - as opposed to measuring performance versus an arbitrary peer group.

The most daunting question for any new investor is, where do I begin? More importantly - what is my end destination, and what is the best strategy for me to get there? Should I invest with a short term mindset, focusing on low risk and accepting low returns, in the hope of preserving the value of my investment.

Yes, that may be an option....but don’t expect huge returns or explosive gains.

Or should you rather invest for the long term, with the associated complexities and the ever-present danger of inflation eating away at your hard-earned money? Or maybe, you should invest in growth assets like properties and shares to protect your investment from inflation?

At Momentum we believe that the best way to achieve your investment goal is through outcome-based investing and to remain invested. Momentum Outcome-based Investing aims to simplify the investment process and to help you remain focused on what matters, your goals.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is about placing the investor’s needs at the centre of the investment process.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is...Building portfolios around an investor’s needs, not an arbitrary peer group.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is...Maximising the probability of achieving an investor’s unique goal(s).

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is...Ensuring portfolios remain flexible, adaptable and diversified.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is...Ensuring an attractive risk-adjusted return, which provides a more consistent investment experience over time.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is...Limiting the risk and temptation of market timing.

With Momentum Outcome-based Investing your goal is the benchmark!

Whether it’s saving money to educate a child, retiring financially independent, saving for a deposit on a home, or simply growing your wealth.

Momentum Outcome-based Investing is more than an investment philosophy; it’s a belief system that defines the way Momentum invests, putting investors first, and helping them to achieve their personal and lifestyle goals.


Momentum Outcome-based Investing